FAQ & Links

Q. I left a personal item on the bus. How can I get it back?

  • A. Call us at (706) 369-6220 and we'll do our best to retrieve your item.

Q. What services are available to get to points beyond the Campus Transit service area?

  • A. UGA and Athens are well connected to Atlanta and beyond. Inclusion in this list is informational for the benefit of our customers and does not represent an endorsement of services provided.
    • For points within Athens-Clarke County, students, staff and faculty use Athens Transit fare-free with their valid UGA ID card. Information about their services is available at the Athens Transit website.
    • For points in Atlanta and beyond, there are several options:
      • Groome Transportation operates frequent service from the campus and other Athens locations to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
      • Southeastern Stages operates to Atlanta, Augusta and points beyond.
      • megabus operates frequent service to Atlanta and points beyond for as little as one dollar!

Q. I want to advertise on the buses using Bus Cards.  How do I do this?

  • A. All BUS CARD requests are handled through Print & Copy Services, Room 375 Tate Student Center. All BUS CARDS must advertise an event sponsored by a registered student organization, a UGA department, or a U.S. government organization. Refer to the listing of registered clubs if you are unsure whether your organization is registered. The name of the sponsoring organization or department MUST appear on each poster. The Department of Campus Life reserves the right to disapprove any poster. All BUS CARDS will be posted by employees of the Print & Copy Services.
    For further information regarding prices and procedures, please refer to the Tate Print & Copy Center's website or telephone them at (706) 542-8493. Please note that the Auxiliary Services Department also reserves the right to disapprove any poster.
Q. How do I know what services are operating?
  • A. Campus Transit promotes its service levels by several methods:
    • Google Calendar located in the right navigation bar on each page
    • Subscribe to the Transit Twitter account (@UGATransit) for updates and the printed Rider's Guides, available on the buses, at campus information desks and a number of other locations throughout campus, contain a calendar of service levels throughout the school year.
    • In addition, the main Campus Transit page usually announces upcoming service level changes in advance of the change.
    • The RouteShout app provides instant information on service levels, as well. Don't be caught by surprise!